What you need to know

Have you noticed a decline in the quality of your TV reception of late?

The digital switchover is coming soon. Like the rest of Europe, television broadcasting in Ireland is switching from analogue to digital transmission.

This means you need a digital receiver (also known as a DTT box) to keep your Irish channels! You can also get a COMBI box, which enables you to view both Irish AND British channels.

Although several boxes on this site are not approved by Saorview, these boxes are based upon similar technology, making them capatible with the Saorview service.

Why do I need SAORVIEW?

Ireland's terrestrial TV service will soon come to an end. This means, that a TV aerial will no longer provide TV owners with Irish channels. SAORVIEW is Ireland’s first free digital television service. It brings you all your favourite channels - for free.

You can keep your Irish (and/or British) channels by selecting one of the boxes on this page. It's that simple.

Why will my aerial "stop working"?

Because all of Irelands analogue TV transmissions will end. Everything is going digital! This means that an aerial alone will not be enough to keep your favourite TV stations.

What are the reasons for the analogue service being turned off?

Here comes the technical stuff! There are a few reasons. One is that by turning off analogue TV transmissions, there is now more room in the "radio spectrum" for the likes of mobile phone, broadband internet and other such services. Another reason, is that everybodies TV service is being essentially being upgraded. We can now all avail of HD picture and sound, interactive TV services, improved teletext facilities and more.

Ok, so what do I need to do?

To keep your Irish (and British) channels, you can tap into the newly launched Saorview service with a set top box like the ones on this page. You simply get one of these boxes, hook it up to your TV and you're good to go! All of the boxes on this page are either Saorview approved, or SAORVIEW compatible. British channels require a satellite dish, which we can also provide you with.

In contrast to the "free to air" systems which have been popular in the last few years, a Saorview approved or compatible box will give you access to Irish channels, something a free to air box is unable to do.


SAORVIEW is owned and managed by RTÉ. It will carry both RTÉ and non-RTÉ channels and services. The infrastructure required to transmit the SAORVIEW service was constructed and is operated by RTÉNL (a wholly owned subsidiary of RTÉ).